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Pink Rainbow Retreats is a hybrid of our individual businesses, where we lovingly and enthusiastically bring women together in various spaces from circles to retreats to workshops.


The aim is always ultimately the same, to bring you home to yourself, to nourish and nurture yourself and to find space and time to BE.


We are lucky enough to share many similar passions and we hope from those, that you enjoy and feel the benefits from what we create and share with you.

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I’m passionate about sharing holistic wellbeing to support you live in your feminine & find space to connect, relax, reset & discover the parts of you, you perhaps didn’t even know existed!


I began exploring holistic wellbeing in my late 20’s, climbing my career ladder, buying my first property, enjoying a hectic social life. But with that came severe anxiety, overwhelm & stress trying to keep on top of it.


I spent a lot of time in male dominated spaces, repeating I wasn’t there to make tea or take minutes, I was there to chair the meeting! On reflection I was being forced to spend time in my masculine energy, being forthright, too structured, logical, linear, aggressive. Which isn’t who I am, but being outwardly intuitive, compassionate, & empathetic was viewed as a weakness as you climb career ladder.


Like most young women of my generation to combat stress, you drink, don’t always eat well, don’t get enough good quality sleep & say it’s all OK until you reach burn out!


My turning point, was when my dad was diagnosed with a terminal illness, complementary wellbeing took hold. It became a way of empowering myself, prioritising my self-care needs, a healthier way to deal with life’s crap, exploring my feminine energy & feeling confident to live in it.


Reiki & Reflexology became my go to, crystals appeared in my home, I began to meditate & build a tool box of resilience. Life will throw the shit, BUT you can manage it better. I got to know myself better & understand when my energy felt off, I used these tools when I felt anxiety rising.


I saw how supporting my energy in this way was beneficial to my physical & emotional wellbeing, my energetic wellness was the catalyst to feeling good.


It isn’t a quick fix, but a way of life, a work in progress. It’s held me through relationship break ups, losing my dad, having my children & more recently the epic stresses of the last 2 years! I see it work!


Women often worry about being judged, vulnerable, suffering imposter syndrome & limiting beliefs. We don’t know where to start to manage it!




And I can’t wait to work with you


I’m a mum of 2 crazy, gorgeous boys, my husband works away a lot but is incredibly supportive, we work as a team, pulling out each other’s strengths. As well as Pink Rainbow Retreats, I run Pink Acorn Wellness (offering Pilates classes & 121s, Reflexology, Reiki, Indian Head Massage, incorporating Essential Oils), do massage therapy at a special needs school, digital marketing for some schools, and I’m the vice chair of the PTA at my boys school. I thrive on being busy, but doing what I love!


I’ve always known I wanted to do something that supports people but I’ve had to go on a journey to get to the point I’m at now.


I was brought up with wellness as a core value, my mum is a reflexologist and interested in holistic therapies, we had a healthy diet, used supplements and essential oils, I practiced yoga from a young age and completed my Reiki training at 18 years old. 


However, points throughout my life have led me to do deep energy work, deep messy shadow work, and learning new tools to support my wellness. I have come to realise wellness is a continual journey, not a destination. Life throws up unexpected things and we can use our tools and learn new ones to guide us through, to heal and grow, and come out the other side stronger, in a better state of wellness.


Our body gives us clues sometimes small sometimes huge screams, that something needs to change.


For me IBS, anxiety, depression, eczema, PCOS, struggling to get pregnant, loss of identity through work and in motherhood were some of the clues and points in my life I knew things had to change.


I’ve been stressed, burnt out, overwhelmed from work and navigating the crazy world of motherhood. In order to come out of my fight or flight mode and function effectively, live, and thrive, I needed to properly take care of myself, this is why wellness is so important to me.


Don’t get me wrong, I don’t now breeze through life without any blips, the big thing for me is tuning into my body, recognising the warning signs and having the tools I need to ride the storms and come out the other side stronger.


I love that I am now at a place in my life where I can support you with your wellness too. I look forward to sharing these tools with you and supporting you on your wellness journey.

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